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Why are manufacturers still using inferior RFID blocking materials instead of CRYPTALLOY?

Does really only the price of an RFID blocking material matter? Of course not, the shielding attenuation counts.

Arguments for CRYPTALLOY RFID blocking material:

CRYPTALLOY is for those companies which take RFID blocking serious.




As RFID radio transmission technology is becoming increasingly widespread, new risks such as theft of electronic data, identity theft, electronic pickpocketing, payment fraud and unintentional contactless payment arise.

Passports, credit cards, debit cards, identity cards, key cards, car keys and access control cards in companies are equipped with passive radio chips (RFID/NFC chips) more and more frequently.

Unauthorized third parties can read out the data stored on them with the aid of an RFID reader from a distance. This process may occur without direct physical contact and may pass unnoticed.

CRYPTALLOY RFID shielding safeguards from data theft and payment fraud

CRYPTALLOY is a high tech RFID shielding foil which blocks RFID signals of all current RFID frequencies. It protects digital privacy.

For bag and wallet lining:
As an inner layer it turns small leather goods, handbags, body bags, wallets, purses, envelopes, covers, travel luggage, travel accessories and cases into data safes for personal and biometric data.

Certified by TÜV (Germany) the RFID blocking material protects from unauthorized and unintentional access to the data encoded on RFID/NFC chips.



  1. RFID shielding film for the entire RFID frequency range/bandwith
    20 kHz; 100 kHz; 125/134 kHz; 13.56 MHz; 433 MHz; 868 MHz; 915 MHz; 2.4 GHz; 3 GHz; 4 GHz
  2. Special metal alloy which blocks RFID attacks (no ordinary PET/aluminium/PE composite; no metal coated fabric)
  3. Permanent quality control by the manufacturer with state of the art laboratory equipment
  4. RoHS (2002/95/EC Restriction of Hazardous Substance); REACH compliant
  5. Minimal thickness
  6. Standard non-adhesive version CRYPTALLOY standard (1'000 mm)
  7. Self adhesive version CRYPTALLOY sk (1'000 mm) ; narrower width from 250 sqm
  8. CRYPTALLOY tex (1'100 mm)
  9. Specific lamination of standard film on request
  10. Option for purchase or lending (for free) RFID reader
  11. Tests (free of charge): Shield attenuation tests of your prototypes in own laboratory
  12. Certification program for your value added applications and products (for free); with seal of approval
  13. Use of testing seal and CRYPTALLOY brand logo for marketing
  14. Consulting services: processing (coating, laminating, cutting)
  15. Focus on specific requirements of manufacturers
  16. Fast and reliable order processing
  17. Worldwide shipping (logistic center in Germany)
  18. Minimum order quantity: 10 sqm

Advantages for your company:

  1. Building trust: Added value through a new security feature
  2. New customer segments and sales markets

Privacy protection

Approved shield attenuation


Made in Germany

TÜV Certificate

SGS-TÜV Saarland Forster GmbH - Germany

IEEE 299
NSA 65-6

125 kHz / 13.56MHz / 900MHz

RFID blocking film for

electronic passport
MasterCard® PayPass™
Visa® PayWave ™
AmericanExpress® ExpressPay


Smart material blocks unauthorized RFID readers

Protects personal data stored on RFID chip on passports, credit cards and debit cards

Protects EMV chips, too.

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Tested by Federal Office of Communication (OFCOM), Switzerland
Test Report (11.2008)

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